Magnolia Moods

Magnolia Mood

The Magnolia is the announcer of spring. When the Magnolia blooms you’re sure that it won’t take long before other trees will follow. It is a promising flower. The abundance of flowers and the consistency of the leaves gives the tree a strong impression while the pink, purple and white colours give an impression of fragility and vulnerability that is in contrast with it’s power.

It is like us humans. We are so much more than what we often think we are. If we are strong then we may be afraid to show our vulnerability and if we think we are fragile then we may have forgotten that our inner wisdom also contains strength. In that sense we could learn a lot from the Magnolia.

In this painting I have tried to capture both expressions because I know they both exist in us. It’s up to us to be aware of it and show it like the Magnolia.


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