When Dahlia Blooms

When Dahlia Blooms

The Dahlia is like a voluptuous and sensual woman who loves life and enjoys it passionately. She is overwhelming in her charm, her wisdom and her generosity. She shares whatever she has to share: joy, sadness and friendship and it is always more than you can return.

Dahlia loves her own company, she doesn’t need others to be happy but she loves to have friends around. When you come along you’re welcome. When you don’t it is OK too. No hard feelings, never!

Dahlia can therefore not be a young woman, she is of a mature age. The golden age. The age of prosperity, of finding joy in the little things and being grateful for all that life has offered her. A blooming Dahlia is a gift of the Universe. And she shows that in all her glory.

Note: This painting has been sold


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